Artesia Digital Baby Grand & Kids Piano

Artesia Digital Pianos are setting a new standard for quality and affordability. Full featured ensemble pianos in grand style cabinets, and with beautiful gloss finishes. Oh, and bluetooth connectivity! 

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Artesia AG-50

New AG-50 RRP $4299.99 Sale Price $3,995.00!


The Artesia AG-50 Micro Grand piano is a timeless centerpiece with a 4' cabinet that is a stunningly beautiful addition to your living area and the focal point of any home décor.

It is more than just a instrument, it is an elegant entertainment center that brings sophistication and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

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  • Specifications:

    • Width: 140cm
    • Depth: 120cm
    • Height: 88cm
    • Weight :108kg

Artesia Children 's Piano

 The Artesia FUN-1 Children's Piano is not a toy but a real digital piano that has been redesigned to the Child's perspective. Not only has the size been reduced to accommodate children from ages 3 to 10 but it has also been redesigned to be simple, compact and fun. This makes the Teacher Recommended FUN-1 a perfect introduction to music and fun for kids.

Artesia Children's Piano Artesia Children's Piano

Artesia Children's Piano

"Brand New Model"

Artesia Children's Piano On Sale $479.00 

The piano for the early years


  • A beginner's piano on which children will love to play, experiment and learn.
  • A classic addition to any Kindergarten or Early Learning program.
  • True 61 note piano keyboard with real touch sensitivity.
  • Inspire young players with a true instrument.



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