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Motion Sound MS-1771W in red walnut
Rotory Speaker System Very High Power! It's the only way to describe the Motion Sound. Rated at 200 watts, the Motion Sound model MS-1771 rotary speaker won't “wimp out” when you really need the power. Whether you play gospel, blues, jazz, rock or any other type of music that requires a “full rotary speaker sound” the Motion Sound won't leave you wondering where your sound went. 11-PIN STANDARD

COMPATIBLE The MS-1771 connects via a standard 11-pin rotary speaker connector. This allows the MS-1771 to be connected to any of the tonewheel clone keyboards, portables and organs that utilize a single channel Rotary Channel. It also allows the support for Speaker Power On & Off, Slow, Stop and Fast Rotor controls.With the purchase and installation of a optional standard 11-pin connector kit, the MS-1771 can be used with most vintage tonewheel organs and single channel organs. A qualified, professional organ technician should install the right kit for you.

REAL UPPER AND LOWER ROTORS The MS-1771 features both a real upper rotary horn and a 15” bass speaker with a traditional lower rotor not made of foam. The mass of the lower rotor and its reflective curve are like the old standard.

INDEPENDENTLY ADJUSTABLE ROTORS Many times, as a player, you are looking for the “sweet spot” for how fast or slow each of the rotors spin in addition to the time it takes for each rotor to get up to speed or how long it takes to “spin down.” You have independent control over each rotor's parameters that can be “fine tuned” to your liking. Once set, no one else can change your settings. They stay where you set them. QUIET

OPERATION The rotors feature whisper-quiet, zero maintenance ball bearings. Because the MS-1771 uses DC (direct current) motors, it is super-quiet - even in fast mode when you're not playing. In addition, there's no motor noise when the MS-1771 is being used with microphones for recording or broadcast purposes. Even the belts are made of a Space Age material for low noise and low maintenance.
FINISHES Natual Wood Finish A real wood finish that matches most walnut vintage organs and today's newer models.


  • GENERAL Remote
  • POWER ON switch Zero-maintenance ball bearings for the Horn & Lower Rotors.
  • AUDIO PARAMETERS Audio input range .707 to 17 volts RMS Crossover 18 db/octave at 800 hz Controls: overall gain, Horn Volume, Bass, and Treble Horn diffuser Bi-amped -Horn - 70 watts RMS -Lower - 130 watts RMS
  • ROTOR CONTROLS Independent Horn & Lower Rotor Controls for: -Fast -Slow -Speedup Time -Slowdown Time
  • SPEAKERS Horn - Driver rated 80 watts RMS Lower - 15 inch rated 400 watts
  • DIMENSIONS H 35.5” - W 27.5” - D 26” WEIGHT 120 Lbs POWER 117 Volts AC - 60 Hz 400 watts

$3,995.00   Sale Price

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