Bastien Piano Basics PIANO, THEORY, PERFORMANCE, TECHNIQUE for sale in Melbourne, VIC



Bastien Piano Basics from $16 to $20/span/h1p span embyJames BastienandJane Bastien/em /span/ph1 spanThespan strongBastien Piano Basics/strong /spanmethod is comprised of five completely correlated course books - PIANO, THEORY, PERFORMANCE, TECHNIC, and A LINE A DAY SIGHT READING.span strongBastien Piano Basics/strong /spanuses a gradual multi-key approach, with reading beginning in the C five-finger position. Five levels of carefully graded lesson material provide constant opportunities for reinforcing basic concepts. It's the smoothest, most heart-warming, most entertaining, most musical way to teach eager youngsters the joys of playing the piano.

And comprehensive, page-by-page correlation makesspan strongBastien Piano Basics/strong /spanremarkably easy to teach!/span/h1p span img alt="" src=""/ /span/ppPrestige Pianos and Organs 102 Bell Street Preston Ph 1300 825 318/p.

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