Bruce Springsteen (Guitar TAB)- Working on A Dream for sale in Melbourne, VIC



Bruce Springsteen (composer) 

A Night with the Jersey Devil

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

The Last Carnival

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Surprise, Surprise

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Kingdom of Days

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Life Itself

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Tomorrow Never Knows

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Good Eye

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

This Life

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

What Love Can Do

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Queen of the Supermarket

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

My Lucky Day

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Outlaw Pete

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

The Wrestler

Bruce Springsteen (composer)

Working on a Dream


 1 on the Billboard 200, Bruce Springsteen's 16th studio album has made its mark on the music community, claiming the top spot in the U.S. Canada, and throughout Europe. Titles: Good Eye * Kingdom of Days * Life Itself * My Lucky Day * A Night with the Jersey Devil (Bonus Track) * Outlaw Pete * Queen of the Supermarket * Surprise, Surprise * The Last Carnival * The Wrestler (Bonus Track) * This Life * Tomorrow Never Knows * What Love Can Do * Working on a Dream.Debuting at No.


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