4. AMEB Piano for Leisure - Grade Books - Series 4 for sale in Melbourne, VIC



Series 4 (from$28 For Preliminary Gr to $55 Gr 8)
Piano For Leisure
Piano for Leisure Series 4 publications and recordings were released on 15 November 2017 and will be available for use in examinations from 2018. (No Grade Book series is being with drawn; Piano for Leisure Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 may still be used in examinations in 2018).
New publications include:
Piano for Leisure Series 4 – Preliminary to Grade 8(2017)
Piano for Leisure Series 4 Recording and Handbooks– Preliminary to Grade 8 (2017)
Piano for Leisure Series 4 Recording and Handbooks – Preliminary to Grade 8 (2017) do not contain a CD, as was the case for previous series. These books now contain a code enabling tracks to be downloaded online.
Student pack
Student packs are currently available for each Grade level of Piano for Leisure Series 4. The student pack includes the relevant Grade Book, Recording & Handbook and a bonus Practice Diary,all at a discounted rate. These resources will encourage students to learn the exam repertoire, study for the General Knowledge questions and listen to professional recordings of their pieces. The Practice Diary provides a space for teachers to write practise notes after each lesson and it includes a glossary of music terms and a guide to the historical eras of classical music.
Teacher pack
Teacher Packs are available for Level 1 (Preliminary to Grade 4) or Level 2 (Grades 5 to 8). Each Teacher Pack includes all the Grade books for the Level and the Recording & Handbooks and a bonus Practice Diary, all at a discounted rate.

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