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Alfred's Basic Piano Course:

This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and notereading through interval recognition.

Lesson Book Level 1A
begins by teaching basic keyboard topography and fluent recognition of white key names in relation to black keys. It focuses on simple rhythms and prepares students for intervallic reading with entertaining songs that focus on"same," "stepping up" and "stepping down." Itthen introduces lines and space notes in treble and bass clefs, melodic and harmonic intervals of 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths, and graduates to reading onthe grand staff. It also introduces the flat and sharp signs. This course ismost effective when used under the direction of a piano teacher or experiencedmusician.

Songs Include: Balloons , BatterUp! , The Donkey , A Friend Like You , Hand-Bells , A Happy Song , Horse Sense ,Indian Song , It's Halloween! , Jingle Bells! , Jolly Old Saint Nicholas , Julythe Fourth! , Just a Second! , Love Somebody , Merrily We Roll Along O'er theDeep Blue Sea , Mexican Hat Dance , My Clever Pup , My Fifth , My Robot , Old MacDonald , Old Uncle Bill , Play a Fourth , Raindrops , Rain, Rain! , Rockets ,Rockin' Tune , Rock Song , Sailing , Sea Divers , See-Saws , Skating , Who's onThird , Willie and Tillie , Wishing Well , The Zoo

Lesson Book 1B
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and notereading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 1B begins by reviewing the concepts taught in Lesson Book 1A, then introduces new concepts such as incomplete measures; tempo markings; eighth notes and rests; using the damperpedal; half steps and whole steps. It also introduces the major scale through the concept of tetrachords.

Songs Include: Brother John ,Carol in G Major , The Carousel , The Clown , Concert Time , A Cowboys Song ,The Cuckoo , French Lullaby , Good King Wenceslas , Good Morning to You! , Good Sounds , Grandpas Clock , The Greatest Show on Earth! , G?s in the"BAG" , Hail to Thee, America! , Harp Song , Happy Birthday to You! ,Indians , Join the Fun , The Magic Man , Money Cant Buy Everything , Music Box Rock , Oom-Pa-Pa! , Ping Pong , The Planets , The Rainbow , Sonatina , StepRight Up! , Waltz Time , When Our Band Goes Marching By! , When the Saints Go Marching In , The Whirlwind , The Windmill , Yankee Doodle

Lesson Book 2
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and note reading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 2 continues where Level 1B finishes. This book introduces dotted half notes and dotted quarter notes, plus intervals of 6ths, 7ths and octaves. Teaches greater movement of the hands,including crossing two over one and scalework. Students will also learn moreabout triads, primary chords, and blocked and broken chords.

Songs Include: 18th Century Dance, Alouette , Blue Scales , Calypso Carnival , The Can-Can , Cockles and Mussels, The Galway Piper , Get Away! , Got Lotsa Rhythm , Kum-ba-yah! , LavendersBlue , London Bridge , Lone Star Waltz , Malaguena , Nick Nack Paddy Wack , Odeto Joy , Oh! Susanna! , On the Bridge at Avignon , Our Special Waltz , Prelude ,Red River Valley , Sarasponda , Square Dance , When You Grow Up , Why Am I Blue
Lesson Book 3
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and notereading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 3 introduces"overlapping pedal"; new time signatures 3/8 and 6/8; and the primarytriads in Major and Minor keys. Concepts include: passing one under two and oneunder three; playing major scales in contrary motion; the chromatic scale; theminor scale.

Songs Include: Alpine Melody ,Casey Jones , A Day in Vienna , Enchanted City , Fandango , Festive March , Go Down,Moses , Goodbye, Old Paint , Greensleeves , Hunting Song , Intermezzo , Lightand Blue , The Major and the Minor , Make Up Your Mind! , On Top of Old Smoky ,Prelude in 18th Century Style , Raisins and Almonds , La Raspa , Roman Holiday ,Scarborough Fair , Scherzo , Village Dance , Waltz Pantomime

Lesson Book 4
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and notereading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 4 concepts include:tarantellas; eighth note triplets; arpeggiated chords; first and secondinversion triads in C; triads in all positions; major scales in parallelmotion; two-part writing; seventh chords and inversions of seventh chords; Eharmonic minor scale in contrary motion; primary chords in E minor; sixteenthnotes; dotted eighth notes; primary chords in B-flat Major and G Minor;repeated-note warm-ups; and harmonic minor scales in parallel motion.
Songs include: America the Beautiful(Ward) , The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Steffe-Howe) , Black Forest Polka ,Blow, Winds, Blow! , Calypso Holiday! , Comedians' Dance (Kabelevsky) ,Farewell to Thee (Aloha Oe) , Gypsy Dance , Haunted House , He's Got the WholeWorld in His Hands , The Hokey-Pokey , The House of the Rising Sun , The MagicPiper , Musette (Bach) , Olympic Procession , Pomp and Circumstance No. 1(Elgar), Prelude in A Minor , Space Shuttle Blues , Spinning Wheel , Swingin'Sevenths , Tarentella , Waltz in G Minor , Waves of the Danube (Ivanovici)

Lesson Book 5
This easy step-by-step method emphasizes correct playing habits and notereading through interval recognition. Lesson Book 5 concepts include theornaments: long appoggiatura, short appoggiatura, trill and mordent; plusarpeggios; the A Major scale; and the keys of B minor and C minor. Alsointroduces the playing of minuets, sonatinas, preludes and arias.

Songs include: An American Hymn(Lowry) , Aria from "The Marriage of Figaro" (Mozart) , Bagatelle(Diabelli) , Ballade (Burgmuller) , Brazilian Holiday , Loch Lomond , MagicCarpet Ride , A Miniature Overture , Minuet (Bohm) , Prelude in C Major (Bach) ,Prelude in C Minor (Morovsky) , Rondeau (Mouret) , Scene from "SwanLake" (Tchaikovsky) , Sonata in the Style of Scarlatti , Sonatina on ThreeFrench Folk Tunes , Sonatina, Op. 36, No. 1, 1st Mvmt. (Clementi) , SpanishDance , The Tailor?s Song , Theme (Corelli) , Variations on a Sea Chanty , AVery Special Day (Palmer)

Lesson Book 6
Level 6 concepts include: a review of major and minor triads; diminishedand augmented triads; the diminished seventh chord; a special style ofpedaling; the key of F sharp Minor; the E Major scale; the key of C sharpminor; the A flat Major scale; thirty-second notes; and dotted sixteenth notes.This book also contains an important daily scale routine and a dictionary ofmusical terms. For reinforcement of each principle as it is introduced,supplementary material is carefully coordinated, page for page, at each levelof instruction.

Songs include: Ay-Ay-Ay ,Shenandoah , Barcarolle (Morovsky) , Blue Rondo , A Classy Rag , Deep River ,Dry Bones , Fascination (Marchetti) , Festive Dance , Fur Elise (Beethoven) , HungarianDance , Jazz Ostinato in C-Sharp Minor , La Folia (Theme and Variations) ,Menuet, French Suite No. 6 (Bach ) , Music Machine (Palmer) , Prelude in DMinor (Clementi) , Scherzo (Kabalevsky) , Solfeggio (C. P. E. Bach) , Themefrom Symphony No. 6 (Tchaikovsky) , Toccata (Palmer) , Variations on"Canon in D" (Pachelbel) , Waltz Impromptu (Kullak)

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