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If you are looking for a quality digital piano check out our selection at Prestige Pianos & Organs. We have been in the business of pianos and organs Since 1973 and digital pianos are just one of our specialties. We have the full range of Yamaha digital pianos on display in our showroom as well as other brands also. If you're ready to upgrade to a digital piano come and talk to the experts.

Yamaha digital pianos come in a wide range from portable stage models through to the beautiful polished ebony top of the range Clavinova. The Yamaha Clavinova series digital pianos are created to sound and feel the closest thing to an acoustic concert grand piano. The keyboard has 88 keys, weighted so that it has the touch and feel of a grand piano and it has foot pedals that function the same way as a traditional grand piano. The Clavinova series also features programmed songs and digital piano lessons. The series is popular due to the feature that allows you to connect to the internet and to your PC for recording and playback features. A digital piano does not require the regular maintenance and tuning that an acoustic piano needs.


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Experience a purely digital piano with the heart & soul of a true grand.

YAMAHA CFX Concert Grand Piano & Bösendorfer Imperial

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We carry Yamaha and Casio digital pianos that are specially designed for stage performances. These pianos are designed using the latest advanced sound quality techniques. Stage pianos were created with the mobile musician in mind and are portable as well as easy to set up. Many of the stage pianos allow you to connect to your PC for recording purposes. This allows a musician to record audio files which can be mixed with the music of other band members or put on a CD. We carry all the popular stage piano models including the Yamaha P-Series portable stage pianos and Yamaha CP stage pianos. We have on display the Casio CD and PX range of digital pianos and have access to other brands as well.

We also carry the entry level Yamaha Arius digital piano range for the budget conscious consumer. Yamaha Arius has an authentic sound, natural touch and is an absolute joy to play - both in practice and performance - in an advanced, yet affordable console digital piano. Casio Celviano and Privia digital piano range is also on display and they have a 5 year warranty.

Prestige Pianos and Organs has a wide range of digital pianos and we're sure to have one that will fit your needs whether you need a digital piano for a school setting or you are looking for a piano that's easy to move from one performance to another. Our staff is available to answer all of your questions about digital pianos whether you are shopping online or at our showroom in Preston, Melbourne. We also offer shipping anywhere in Australia so you won't have to worry about how you are going to get your piano home. Come and visit us today at our retail location or check out Yamaha digital pianos online at Digital Pianos. You can reach us on 03 9480 6777 with any questions about our products or services.