Allen Classic Organs CF-17 DKTwo Manuals | 33 Stops (39 Stops with GeniSys Voices) for sale in Melbourne, VIC



Allen Classic Organs CF-17 DKTwo Manuals | 33 Stops (39 Stops with GeniSys™ Voices)

Drawknob Package

  • Capture Action
    • Stop Controls:Traditional Moving Drawknobs
    • General Pistons:10
    • Divisional Pistons:6 + 6
    • Toe Studs:Included
    • Capture Memories:20
  • Standard stop list: Classic Allen
  • Optional stop lists include:
    English (mainly Willis samples), Cavaill?-Coll, Schlicker,
    Arp Schnitger, Aeolian-Skinner, and three additional Th eatre
    stop lists Wurlitzer, Barton, Morton
  • GeniSys™ Voices (optional) - 6 variable stops, each with
    hundreds of sound possibilities. Together, they provide
    thousands of ways to customize the organ's stop list.
  • GeniSys™ Voices Coupler Operation – permits coupling of
    GeniSys Voices through the use of the inter-manual couplers
  • GeniSys™ Controller: Four-line LCD Display and easy-to-use
    controls provide access to:
    - 20 Capture Memories
    - Acoustic Portrait™ - a wide range of real sampled acoustics
    from small rooms to large cathedrals
    - Hymn-Player™ (150+ hymns)
    - Performance Player (with hundreds of pre-recorded
    - Sequencer (Record/Playback)
    - USB Memory for Capture Save and Load and much more
    - Piston configuration
    - User-defined Crescendo and Tuttis
  • Keyboards – Industry standard velocity-sensitive
  • 10 year limited warranty. See warranty for details.
    Console Specifcations
  • Number of Manuals: 2
  • Pedalboard: AGO
  • Expression Pedals: 3 (Great-Pedal, Swell, Crescendo)
  • Expression/Crescendo Pedals Construction:
    Cast Aluminum
  • Bar Graph Expression Indicator
  • Lift -lid Bench / Storage Area
  • Clear-acrylic music rack
  • Medium Oak AGO console with locking roll top
    o Console & Roll Top Veneers: Wood
    o Console Special Finishes: Optional
  • Drawknob Package Console Dimensions: Width 58-5/16”
    (148 cm); Height 47-5/8” (123 cm); Depth 31-3/4” (80.6 cm)
    without pedalboard, 49” (124.5 cm) with pedalboard
    Capture Action
  • Stop Controls: LED stop controls; Optional Mechanical
    Drawknob Package
  • General Pistons: 10
  • Divisional Pistons: 6 + 6
  • Other: Tutti I, Tutti II, Crescendo B, Set, Cancel, Recall
  • Toe Studs: pistons are user reconfigurable
  • Piston Sequencer
    Audio System
  • Four channels self-contained speakers
  • External Speakers (optional)
    Unique Allen Voicing Capabilities ensures that CHANCEL
    organs can be perfectly matched to the environment in which it
    is installed. Controls include:
- Stop-by-stop and note-by-note adjustments - Parametric Equalization (PEQ) - Alternative stop voices (upon request)

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