The JOHANNUS Keyboard Organ ~ ONE for sale in Melbourne, VIC



The JOHANNUS Keyboard Organ “ONE”
is a single-manual organ keyboard. This compact instrument features 5 organs, 80 voices, and the world-famous Johannus sound quality.

Portable classical organ designed for musicians who seek authentic digital organ sounds in a versatile, space-efficient instrument. This particular model is pre-loved but remains in excellent, near-new condition.
Here are the key features and details:

Key Features:

  • Authentic Digital Classical Organ Sounds:- Designed to emulate the sounds of a classical organ.
  • Memory Registration Pistons:- Allows for the storage and recall of custom registrations.
  • 16 Stops ~ 80 Stops:- Offers a wide range of tonal possibilities.
  • 5 Different Organ Genres:- Provides versatility across various musical styles.
  • Tuning and Temperament Options:- Facilitates the adjustment of pitch and tuning to match different performance needs.
  • Split Manuals and Bass:- Enables playing different sounds on separate sections of the keyboard.
  • High-Quality Built-in Speaker System:- Ensures portability without needing external amplification.
  • Additional Instrument Voices:- Includes piano, harpsichord, string, and solo voices for orchestral versatility.
  • Optional Light, Stand, and Expression Pedal:- Enhances the usability and functionality of the organ.
  • External Outputs, MIDI Options, and USB Storage:- Expands connectivity and storage capabilities.
  • Sustain Pedal Compatibility:- Adds further expressiveness to the performance.


  • Pre-loved but as New:** The organ is used but remains in excellent condition with no noticeable wear or damage.

This model is ideal for organists who need a portable solution without compromising on the quality and features found in larger, more stationary organs. Its range of voices and connectivity options also make it suitable for a variety of performance settings.


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