Blitz for Beginners - a great way to start for sale in Melbourne, VIC



div class="art-BlockHeader" div class="art-header-tag-icon" div class="t" span class="Head" id="dnn_ctr381_BlockTitle_lblTitle" style=" font-size: 18.0px; "Blitz for Beginners - a great way to start/span /div /div/divdiv align="right"?/divdiv class="art-BlockContent" div class="art-BlockContent-tl"?/div div class="art-BlockContent-tr" img align="left" alt="Blitz for Beginners" height="151" src="" width="118"/ /div div class="art-BlockContent-body" div class="DNNAlignleft" id="dnn_ctr381_ContentPane" div class="ModDNNHTMLC" id="dnn_ctr381_ModuleContent" div class="Normal" id="dnn_ctr381_HtmlModule_lblContent" pBlitz for Beginners introduces basic theory concepts in a logical sequence, and reinforces these concepts throughout the book with interesting worksheets and imaginative activities and games. It is age-neutral and provides the perfect preparation for Grade 1 Theory or Grade 1 Musicianship./p pBlitz for Beginners is delighting adults and children all over the country. It's the perfect introduction to music theory./p p?/p /div /div /div /div/divpPrestige Pianos and Organs 102 bell street preston Ph 1300 825 318/p.


Prestige Pianos

Prestige Pianos & Organs has been Australia's home of fine musical instruments since 1973.

Prestige Pianos & Organs stocks a diverse range of leading brand instruments to suit all individual needs and preferences. Our staff focus on helping customers to buy the right instrument at the right price.

Prestige Pianos & Organs is dedicated to providing the right service and advice to its customers. The motivating force behind the business is a love for music and the joy that it brings to people of all ages.

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