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Summer 2021

2021 marks Allen's 50th Anniversary of the Digital Organ and Sampling! To celebrate, we have compiled this history book about Allen Organ Company. Don't delay! Order your copy soon!

Since 1939 - A History of Allen Organ Company
Celebrating 50 Years of Digital Sound 1971-2021

This book commemorates Allen's 50th Year of Digital Sound with the introduction of digital sampling and the first digital organ introduced to the world in 1971.

This book is also dedicated to Allen's founder, Jerome Markowitz and the thousands of employees and tens of thousands of customers that have been a part of Allen's family throughout eight decades!

Take a ride down memory lane as we showcase the history and development of Allen Organ Company since its inception in 1939, to present day, in this historic pictorial book of the Company through the decades! 159 pages, hardcover.


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NPR ArtScene with Erika Funke - June 25, 2021 broadcast.

As broadcast on WVIA-FM - National Public Radio member station for Northeast Pennsylvania - click the link below

Steve Markowitz, President of Allen Organ Company of Macungie, PA, speaks about the history of the organization founded by his father, Jerome Markowitz, in 1939. Allen Organ celebrated the 50th Anniversary in June 2021 of its introduction of digital sampling and Allen's bringing the first digital organ into the world in 1971.


Listen to the June 25, 2021 interview with Steve Markowitz

The Secret History of Modern Music Technology

Article by by Jordi Lippe-McGraw of The Grit Daily - The Premier Startup News Hub; published June 24, 2021

Earlier this week marked World Music Day, and to honor the musical celebration, some of the biggest names in technology released their latest audio-based technology. Lava revealed new TWS earbuds, and Sony launched novel Bluetooth speakers. But, while we tend to focus on all the advances in the field, few know the secret history that made all of it possible: a church organ.


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GENISYS Organs with APEX TECHNOLOGY are the culmination of a multiyear engineering project that brings together advanced tone generation technology, along with massive processing power and storage memory: Resulting in the pinnacle of digital organ sound.

Allen's APEX floating-point technology offers 65 times greater resolution than fixed-point systems. With 250 times the memory of previous organs, along with premium 32-bit DACs, APEX reproduces even the smallest detail of organ pipe sound. Multiple 64-bit quad core processors and gigabit ethernet control this amazing technology.

GENISYS Organs with APEX Technology take advantage of Allen's new and updated samples from renowned pipe organs from around the world.

Allen's newest Aeolian-Skinner samples solidify its American heritage in both sound and build quality.

Experience a GENISYS organ with APEX Technology! See your local Allen Representative today!



RUDY LUCENTE explores and demonstrates the GENISYS GX-335 digital organ with Allen's new APEX Technology. Headphones are recommended.

Allen GENISYS GX-335 Rudy Lucente Demo

ALLEN GX-335 - 42 Stops / Three Manuals

  • APEX Tone Generation System - including new and updated samples taking advantage of massive memory and processing power

  • Standard Stop Lists - Classic Allen, English, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, Aeolian-Skinner, Wurlitzer, Barton, and Morton

  • 50 Stops with optional GENISYS™ Voices

  • 128 Levels of capture memory

  • In-field upgradable through software

Console pictured with optional 50th Anniversary Package, Drawknobs, Allen Keyboards, GENISYS Voices, and lighted music rack.


GX-335 Learn More


With the rise in home instrument sales during the past year, Allen recently introduced the G100, a fully-featured AGO organ for chapels, the home or apartment, or church practice room.


This 29 Stop (35 Stops with optional GENISYS™ Voices) offers more than meets the eye! With 9 standard Stop Lists, Allen's Hymn Player™ and Performance Player™, LED lighted Stop controls and Divided Expression, this two manual instrument packs many of the features and pipe samples found in our larger instruments.

Standard Stop Lists include: Classic Allen, English, Cavaillé-Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, Aeolian Skinner, and theatre suites Wurlitzer, Barton, and Morton.

(Console pictured with optional GENISYS Voices and Antiphonal Relay)


G100 Learn More