Allen Organs Installation L-333 Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wantirna

"Congratulations Prestige Pianos and Organs in taking us on the trip of a lifetime! From the moment we first contacted your company to the installation of our amazing Allen Bravura L333 digital organ into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Wantirna, Victoria, the journey with you has been impeccable. It was one very special spiritual exercise.
As for the Allen Bravura L333 it merely speaks for itself. We are absolutely delighted!  Its stops are exquisite, their sounds clean and without distortion. From the pan flute that sits in the GeniSys sounds to the bombastic Bombarde on the pedal board the range of sounds are broad, full, dynamic, delicate, delicious and full of warmth. The Festival Trumpet delivers! The capabilities of this organ allow for musical innovation. There are opportunities for players to keep exploring new combinations of sounds and effects. It meets the demands of both traditional and contemporary worship band integration. I wish you could see the "bees gathering around this honey-pot"!?? Age is no barrier ~ ~ ~ 9 - 90 ~ ~ ~ all are in it.  
Leith . . . this organ is over and above my wildest imaginations.  The tone is so clean, warm, gutsy, exquisite, delicate, brutal!!! I could go on . . . and on . . . and on! 
Thank you all ~ ~ ~ Leith, Johnny, Mark, and John Bothe for launching us on this exciting voyage."
Judy Derrick
Member of the Organ Replacement Sub-committee
Seventh-day Adventist Church
Wantirna, Victoria, Australia.

I am so happy that all your expectations have been met and I wish you many years of beautiful and inspiring music from your new Allen Organ. It not only sounds amazing, it looks amazing in your church. 

Special thanks to John Bothe for his consultancy and design work for this exciting installation. 

Leith A Ewert
Manager Allen Organs Vic SA Tas
Prestige Pianos & Organs 





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