Allen Organs Installation L-343DK Xavier College Memorial Chapel

Prestige Pianos & Organs congratulate Xavier College on the recent installation of their new Allen Bravura L-343 three manual drawknob GeniSys classical organ installed in the stunning Xavier College Memorial Chapel. This exciting new instrument is the first of this model to be installed in Australia and features a special movable platform for concert performances. For more information contact Leith Ewert our Allen Organ consultant.

"The Xavier College community is thrilled to have gained the excellent and prestigious Allen Organ in our much loved Chapel. I was privileged to preside at its inaugural performance at Mass last night and received many glowing reports on the overall sound and support for the congregational singing.

Xavier College thanks you for your efforts and professional advice in ensuring we received such a fine instrument and efficient and smooth installation process. "

(Dr) Kerrin Hancock
College Organist

Prestige would like to add thanks to Dr Kerrin Hancock and Xavier Maintenance Team. Special thanks to John Bothe for his Consultancy and design work for this exciting installation



XAVIER L343DK (30)
XAVIER L343DK (14) XAVIER L343DK (3)


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