What to Look for in Second Hand Pianos

second hand pianos

It is a fact that second hand pianos are quite an investment. Some of these used pianos are truly a lot better than others. However, it takes more than just knowing the brand or age of the instrument to judge whether it will be a great buy or not. Here are some tips and reminders to help people judge whether a certain used piano will be worth the money and effort.

Factor #1 - Price

Take note that not all second hand pianos are cheap. Oh yes; some piano brands are like rare antique furniture - they can become more expensive as a piano gets older. Take note that you should consider the brand and the age of the instrument in question before committing to purchase.

Grand Piano vs. Vertical Piano

Grand pianos are usually more majestic and they really sound so much better than upright vertical pianos. But do take note that grand pianos occupy five to nine feet of floor space, which will be an issue if there isn't much space in a home or classroom. Vertical pianos on the other hand are much easier to place within a home since it doesn't require as much space. They can usually be set up right against the wall so they won't get in the way.

Usable Life

The remaining usable life of a piano will vary depending on two very significant factors. The first one is the identity of the previous owner who used it. The second one is how much was it played previously. If the previous owner seldom used it but really took good care of the piano then you could be looking at more years of musical bliss.

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Check the Quality Outside and In

Check the condition of both the white and black keys. The keys should play easily when you press them. Take note of any sticky keys and remember to mention them to the seller when you're haggling for a better price. You might want to hire a piano technician to inspect the quality of the instrument before making any form of commitment.

Inspect the Tone

Remember that it doesn't matter how old a piano is. It should still have a rich sounding bass. The trebles should still sound clear and clean. And finally, the mid-tones should sound very pleasant.

Consider the Repair Cost

You can actually haggle and play your cards right. If purchasing a piano will incur more repair and maintenance costs then that is a point that can be used to bargain with. That and other factors can help lower the seller's asking price. Remember these tips next time you look for second hand pianos.

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