Yamaha Pianos Premium Care


Yamaha Pianos Premium Care

All new Yamaha Acoustic Pianos are set-up and tuned prior to delivery to your home. Yamaha Premium Care also provides in-home tuning after delivery. By registering your piano purchase online at www.yamahamusic.com.au/premium, you will be entitled to a free in-home tuning (or in the case of CX Series and above, multiple tunings) to be used within six months of your purchase.

Any purchase of a grand piano from the world-renowned CX Series, S Series or CF Series (including equivalent Silent or Disklavier models) includes a number of additional tunings as set out in the table below, designed to reward Yamaha grand piano customers with a tuning program to ensure their pianos perform at their very best.

Yamaha Music Australia will provide you with tuning as follows:

Premium Care 2

Peace of Mind Only Yamaha Can Provide

The guiding principle in Yamaha's crafting of pianos is the desire to provide players with instruments of the highest quality. If comprehensive after-sales services is not provided, even the best instrument will lose its quality advantage and become unable to deliver its full potential. All new Yamaha pianos sold in Australia come with between 1 and 20 free in-home tunes, to assist the new instrument to settle-in to its new surroundings.

Other pianos may be less expensive, but only Yamaha can provide an in-home servicing program included in the purchase price of your instrument.


Back Piano Tunning

Upright Pianos     Single Tune           N/A 
GB1K and GC1M  Single Tune          N/A 
C1X  2 Tunes   1 Year of Tuning
C2X  4 Tunes   2 Years of Tuning
C3X  6 Tunes   3 Years of Tuning
C5X  10 Tunes   5 Years of Tuning
C6X  12 Tunes   6 Years of Tuning
C7X  14 Tunes   7 Years of Tuning
SX Series / CF Series     20 Tunes   10 Years of Tuning