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Say the words grand piano, and many folks will immediately think of a stage instrument played by a well-dressed man or woman in front of a packed house at the Theatre. However, that concert pianist began his or her journey somewhere, either in school or at home.

At Prestige Piano and Organs, we realize that purchasing a grand piano is not like buying another musical instrument. The size, quality and cost can easily make this the most expensive item in your house after the car in the garage; maybe even more than that. We offer you the largest catalogue of grand pianos and you'll find no better quality for the price.

Our service to you does not begin and end on the sales floor however. We will not sell you a piano 'blind'. Our sales team will want to have measurements of the room or foyer that you'll want to place your piano in. Grand piano sizes make them the centerpiece of any room it occupies and should compliment your home, not overwhelm it. The piano you'll want for an entryway is not the same piano you'll want for a smaller music room or in a school. Especially in a home, the piano and the owner should fit together like a driver and his car or a napping husband and his favorite chair. At Prestige Piano and Organs, we will do that for you.

Part of our service is full set-up. Our delivery team will make sure that your new grand arrives scratch and dent free and keeps your home looking exactly the same as it was before delivery. Once they are done, our in-house tuner will carefully check every hammer and string to make sure that your new grand sounds like a concert hall quality instrument.

Now, let's talk space. If you don't have a dedicated music room, then a GB1K may be the grand piano for you. The sound you'll get out of this model will surprise you and make you think you've bought a much larger instrument than you did. This model is an excellent example of the quality Yamaha has become known for over the last century.

Perhaps you do have the space and want to fill it up with something amazing. The Yamaha C2X is going to be the perfect fit for your needs. The C2X has long been a choice for professional pianists and music teachers. The sound is absolutely incredible and the polished ebony finish could add class to a stockyard.

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A grand piano is also an heirloom that can be passed down for generations. If that is your situation, we can help you there as well. If you have inherited a grand piano and want to begin lessons or if you wish to pass one on to another family member, our technicians can handle most repairs in a very reasonable amount of time and at a price plan to fit most budgets.

Prestige Piano and Organs from Melbourne is here to serve you. Please come visit us at and see for yourself.